Saudi Arabia Government Practicing Terrorism on Civilians

Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post Saudi journalist, walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. Khashoggi entered the consulate, but he did not leave.

Khashoggi’s killing has also brought up many concerns about the role of the Saudi Arabian government.

At first the Saudi Arabia government said it had no connection to the disappearance, and the journalist came out 20 minutes after his arrival. Conflicting stories ran until the Saudi government recognized Khashoggi’s death inside the consulate and attributed the crime to people acting without the knowledge of the authorities in Saudi Arabia.

The killing of Khashoggi in the consulate of his country in Istanbul is not surprising, because the Saudi government kills the children of Yemen, Syria and Iraq on a daily basis, said Nizar Haidar, director of the Iraqi Media Center in Washington.

“There is no difference between the killing of Khashoggi and the killing of millions in other countries”, Haidar said

Prince Khalid bin Farhan al-Saud, a Saudi dissident prince, was quoted by many media outlets including Germany’s Deutsche Welle saying his resignation from the regime was the result of the internal and external practices and policies followed by the government.

“Mohammed Bin Salman is a teenager and spoiled,” Saudi opposition Prince bin Farhan al-Saud stated in a tweet.

What Mohammed Bin Salman did in the name of evolution is just a cover to conceal his crimes, and the evils of his family inside or out of the Saudi kingdom, said a Saudi citizen living in the U.S., who refuses to give his name.

The Saudi citizen referred to recent decisions such as allowing women to drive and concerts.

Haidar said the Saudi regime under the leadership of Mohammad bin Salman is practicing the worst crimes against its people and has become more severe than before.

“The most basic human rights are subject to systematic crushing, including freedom of expression,” Haidar said.

Haidar said he believes the report of the Britain Shadow Cabinet about the increase in the death rate under the rule of Ibn Salman is the truth.

“The rate of execution has doubled in the last six months in Saudi Arabia,” UK shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry was quoted as saying according to the BBC in March of this year.

Established in 2009, the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association calls for a new system of government compatible with popular desires, based on the constitution and the rule of law.

The ACPRA is aims  to separate the authorities and keep the accountability of the government while establishing an active civil society that knows the nature of their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.

According to Amnesty International website, “Eight of the 11 men who put their names to ACPRA’s founding document are now in prison themselves because of their peaceful campaigning for the rights of people detained or imprisoned as terrorism suspects.”

The lack of a real constitution in the kingdom makes judges of the court arbitrarily issue death sentences, as happened to the martyr Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, Haidar said.

“The country transformed into a black box dominated by snakes and wolves, who carry out orders without hesitation, no matter how cruel, as what happened to the victim Khashoggi,” Haidar said.

Haidar said he believes there are worse and more painful crimes than Khashoggi’s death inside Saudi Arabia.

“No one knows and hears about it because it lies in the circle of the black box. Ibn Salman spread the petrodollar money to cut media off,” Haidar said.

The Saudi citizen said the government crimes, which is condoned by all countries, are very heinous and it made as natural that citizens feel fear and discomfort when going to the embassy. The human mind cannot absorb their crimes,.

“The killing, slaughter, burning and beheading is a policy adopted by the Saudi regime since adherence to Ibn Abd al-Wahhab three centuries ago on a base of blood and destruction; a policy not stopped since then and until now. Only tools and means are different,” Haidar said.